Welcome to HappyChickenOwner.com, your go-to spot for everything related to the joys and challenges of owning backyard chickens. Unlike other sites, we focus specifically on the intriguing world of roosters, along with comprehensive guides on chicken health (including diet) and their fascinating behaviors.

As a fellow backyard chicken aficionado, I share your passion. My journey with these feathered friends spans numerous years, filled with the nurturing and care of various chicken breeds. Though I shy away from revealing exactly how long (those larger numbers do get more daunting with time!), know that my experience is vast.

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While I don’t hold a DVM or VMD title, my hands-on experience in raising chickens is something I pride myself on. Currently, my adventures continue on a city farm, nestled within a bustling residential area, bringing the rural charm of chicken keeping into the urban environment. Prior to this, my backyard was filled with the clucking and bustling of my own chicken flock.

My goal is to share knowledge with you—fairly, truthfully, and as helpfully as possible—through my articles.

Our Content Pillars

Here at HappyChickenOwner.com, we delve into a myriad of topics to quench your curiosity and assist in your chicken-keeping journey. For ease of navigation, I’ve categorized our content into the following key areas:

  • Chickens: Explore everything from selecting the perfect chicken breeds to understanding their healthcare needs, managing a backyard flock, and much more.
  • Chicks: Recognizing that chicks require special attention, we offer insights into hatching and raising them. It’s our hope to be a valuable resource for you in this rewarding endeavor.
  • Eggs: The crowning glory of chicken keeping. Whether you’re curious about which breeds lay the most unique eggs or simply seeking the best-tasting egg tips, this category is for you.
  • Roosters: Moving away from hatcheries, we delve into the captivating world of roosters, covering their care, behavior, and the role they play in the flock dynamics.

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