Are Brahma Chickens Good Pets? 7 Reasons To Love Them!

There was a time before the 1800s when people kept chickens just for eggs and meat and nothing else. Chickens certainly weren’t the pampered pets we raise these days! 

The Brahma chicken was first bred in the 1800s and perfected in the 1850s. Since then, it has gone on to become an American favorite in backyard chicken coops. Oh yes, the Brahma chicken has been seducing American chicken keepers for over a century and the trend isn’t about to stop anytime soon. 

But what makes the Brahma chicken such a delightful pet? Read on to find out!

Are Brahma Chickens Good Pets? (The Quick Answer)

Brahma chickens make excellent pets because they are calm, docile, friendly, and easygoing. The huge, fluffy chickens get along with kids and other birds and make excellent sitters and mothers. Brahmas are generally healthy and hardy, and they are excellent winter egg-layers. They come in a variety of colors, making them a captivating addition to any coop.

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7 Reasons Why Brahma Chickens Make Excellent Pets

Brahma chickens make excellent pets for the following reasons:

They Are Easy-Going Birds

Brahma chickens are docile and friendly, gentle giants of the chicken world. They are easy to handle and they get along well with children. They even love to snuggle! Their gentle, easy-going natures also help them get along with other chicken breeds.

This makes them excellent pets for families with young kids and other pets. 

A fluffy beige Brahma chicken in a rustic barnyard.

They are Healthy and Hardy

Brahma chickens were first developed around the 1800s and standardized around 1852. Since then, American breeders have selectively bred these birds, focusing on health and beauty. The result: Brahmas are extremely healthy and hardy

They tolerate the cold well and are ideal for people living in cold regions. Their heavy feathering and short combs help them resist frostbite. They are also excellent foragers, and the activity reduces their dependence on commercial feeds while also enhancing their health and immunity. It even helps them resist parasites and infections. 

They are Quiet Birds

While noise levels are relative, most Brahma owners will agree that this is a quiet species. They usually won’t cluck unless it is while laying eggs or when they want to alert other birds to a predator. This feature makes them excellent for urban settings as well.

They Are Great Egg Layers and Sitters

The average healthy Brahma hen can lay up to 200 eggs per year. Brahmas are also reliable and consistent when it comes to egg-laying. Moreover, they are excellent winter egg-layers, laying the majority of their eggs in the fall and winter. Furthermore, they are excellent sitters and are often used to hatch other breeds’ eggs.

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They Adapt Easily to Different Environments

A Brahma chicken with grey and white feathers in a lush garden.

Brahma chickens easily adapt to their environment, making them a boon for people living in areas with fluctuating weather patterns.

While they do need more space than some of the other smaller chicken breeds, they do not fly more than 3-4 feet in the air due to their bulky weight. They are also quite content to be in confined areas like backyard chicken coops and don’t need to move around too much.

They Have Fascinating Personalities

Each Brahma chicken has a distinct personality. Some are curious and outgoing, while others may be more laid back and observant. These individual traits and personalities make them fascinating companions.

They Are Majestic and Beautiful

Brahma chickens are large, majestic birds. They are available in a wide range of colors and color combinations, such as light buff, dark buff, and partridge. This not only makes them ideal for showing but also a captivating addition to any backyard coop.

Are Brahma Hens Friendly? Do They Like to Be Held?

Yes, Brahma hens are generally friendly, docile, and mild-tempered. They have a calm demeanor, which makes them easy to handle. They usually get along well with humans- kids and adults. They are also friendly with other chicken breeds and pets, like cats and dogs.

Brahma hens typically like being held and handled. They are excellent snugglers! They remain calm and relaxed when held. Some Brahma hens might even actively seek human contact, showing their loving, friendly dispositions.

What Are the Disadvantages of Brahma Chickens?

The few disadvantages of Brahma chickens are:

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They Need a Lot of Food

Due to their large size, Brahma hens eat twice as much as the average hen. Each adult Brahma chicken could eat 1/3rd lb. of feed per day or about 10 lb. per month (assuming they don’t forage). This can significantly increase your monthly spending.

Their Large Size Makes them Intimidating 

Brahma chickens can reach a height of 30 inches and they weigh between 13 and 18 lb. This can make them intimidating to some people, especially young kids. Some Brahmas occasionally break the eggs in their nests due to their weight.

They Tend to Go Broody

Brahma chickens tend to go broody in the summer. During this phase, they can get territorial. Some broody Brahmas may even get aggressive and prevent other hens from laying eggs.

They are Susceptible to Certain Health Issues

Despite their good health, Brahma chickens are susceptible to certain health issues. These include cataracts, lice, mites, and a deadly viral respiratory disease called Newcastle disease. Brahma chickens are also known to suffer from a viral paralysis called Marek’s disease.

Brahmas also have feathered feet, which, in muddy conditions, can get dirty and irritated. To prevent bumblefoot, you need to clean your Brahma chickens’ feet regularly with Epsom salt soaks.

Key Takeaways – Are Brahma Chickens Good Pets?

If you are on the fence about getting Brahma chickens, you don’t need to be. The species makes an excellent addition to any backyard coop. They are hardy and healthy and adapt to different situations and environments with ease. 

Brahma chickens are also good with other chicken species. Moreover, they are large birds that lay large eggs – especially in winter. Brahmas are also docile, friendly, and easy to handle. All these qualities make Brahma chickens excellent pets.

Are Brahma Chickens Good Pets

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