Can a Rooster Kill a Cat ? Find Out Who Wins The Fight

If you have backyard chickens and are planning to get a cat, you might wonder if roosters might kill the cat or attack it.

Roosters are the natural protectors of your flock. They are known to take on all kinds of predators, irrespective of their sizes, and it is little wonder that a rooster might even try to fight off your cat.

So who would win in a fight between the rooster and the cat? Is it safe to keep both as pets? Let us find out!

Can a Rooster Kill a Cat? (The Quick Answer)

Yes. A large rooster like a Brahma could easily kill a small cat or a kitten. Roosters are fearless protectors when it comes to defending their flocks. If a rooster feels that a cat is a danger to his hens, he won’t hesitate to fight it. The cat is often no match for a large rooster’s fighting skills. A rooster can easily grab the cat’s fur and sit on it. It will continue pecking it until the cat is bloody and dead.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Cat and a Rooster?

In a fight between a cat and a rooster, the outcome will mainly depend on the cat’s and the rooster’s size.

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If we are talking of a large rooster like the Brahma, chances point towards the rooster winning- especially if the cat in question is small. Brahma roosters are hefty birds that are fiercely protective of their flock. They also have sharp spurs and strong wings, which make them pretty tough opponents, especially against smaller cats or kittens.

However, size isn’t the only game-changer here. If the cat is larger or the rooster is on the smaller side, the cat might have an upper hand in this fight. Big cats like the Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon also have strength, speed, and agility on their side. They are also skilled hunters. Therefore, a larger cat could easily overpower a smaller rooster.

 Norwegian Forest Cat

a photo of Norwegian Forest Cat

Thus, we cannot always predict the outcome of a rooster-versus-cat fight. Sometimes the rooster’s size and defensive instincts may help him win, and other times, the cat’s hunting prowess, agility, and strength could help it take away a hen under the rooster’s nose. Nature can be very unpredictable in such cases.

Can a Chicken Fight a Cat? Would a Cat or a Chicken Win in a  Fight?

A chicken will certainly put up a fight with a cat if it feels threatened by it. However, small chickens or chicks are usually no match for a large cat. The cat can easily kill a small hen. This dynamic of predator and prey is not unique to cats and chickens. In other scenarios, roosters could face different adversaries like Skunks and Hawks to protect your flock

Cats are natural predators and they have superior hunting skills. They also have sharp claws and teeth, which can do a lot of damage and injure the delicate chicken. Most cats are also stronger, larger, faster, and more agile than chickens.

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However, a large chicken breed such as the Brahma, Cochin, Cornish, and Plymouth Rock chicken could easily take on and defeat a small cat. While they might not always be able to kill a cat, they can certainly peck, flap, and claw at the cat until it bleeds and runs off.

In short: cats have the agility, size, and sharp claws and teeth to win a fight against a chicken, whereas some larger chicken breeds have the size and ability to easily defend their flocks against a predatory small cat or kitten.

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Chicken standing by a plastic-covered structure on a farm.

Do Roosters Protect Hens from Cats?

Yes, roosters are natural protectors of their flocks. They have been known to guard their hens from predators like cats, dogs, larger birds, and even snakes. Roosters are naturally territorial and possess a strong instinct to safeguard their hens. When they sense danger, especially from predators like cats, they become vigilant.

If a cat enters the chicken coop, the rooster will crow loudly to alert the hens to the danger. It will then use its sharp beak, claws, and wings to scare or attack the cat. With its sharp claws and beak, it will peck and claw at the cat. It will flap its large wings to drive the cat out of the coop.

Cats are not the only predators that roosters keep their flocks safe from. They can even take on foxes, dogs, raccoons, skunks, snakes, and birds like hawks, raptors, and owls.

Do Roosters Get Along With Cats?

Cats and roosters are not the best pets to keep under one roof. However, with patience, training, and supervision, you could get them to co-exist happily. Here are some steps to get your rooster to like your cat:

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Make The Initial Introduction Carefully

Allow your cat to look at the chicken/roosters through a wire mesh fence. If your cat starts growling at the birds, toss some treats and speak in a soothing and assuring voice. This will help your cat understand that the birds mean no harm and that it is your top priority. 

Chicken peeking out from torn plastic on a hay-covered ground.

Feed Your Cat’s Meals Near The Coop

Over the next few days, feed your cat its meals near the coop. This way, it will start associating the hens with something positive.

Supervise Face-to-Face Meetings

Once your cat and rooster seem comfortable around each other, you can have them meet face-to-face. Always keep the cat on a leash during this initial meeting. This way, you can pull it out if things start getting out of hand.

Provide a Secure Area for Hens to Forage

Provide a coop with a large, fenced run where your rooster and hens can come out and forage safely. Ensure that your cat cannot get inside the coop’s run. After a few weeks, your cat and rooster will surely start ignoring one another.

Key Takeaways – Can a Rooster Kill a Cat?

Yes, in a fight between a rooster and a cat, there is a high chance that the rooster might win. While cats are faster, more agile, and also natural hunters, roosters have the advantage of large wings, sharp beaks, and claws. They can easily scare the cat away by flapping their wings and pecking at her until she bleeds. Large rooster breeds like Brahmas, Cochins, etc. can easily take on and kill a small cat or kitten.

Can a Rooster Kill a Cat

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