Can A Rooster Kill a Hen? (7 Reasons And What To Do About It?)

Is your rooster constantly attacking your hens? Are you wondering if your girls are safe with him or whether you should separate them?

If a rooster is trying to mate with a hen and she pecks him, he could get aggressive. Some roosters simply get aggressive to establish their dominance.

But is a rooster capable of killing hens? Can he break the hen’s neck or peck her until she dies? What are the reasons that trigger such aggression in roosters?

Let us find out.

Can a Rooster Kill a Hen? (The Quick Answer)

Yes, many a farmer has lost his/her hen to a rooster. An aggressive rooster can easily break a hen’s neck or peck her repeatedly until she dies. Roosters kill hens for a variety of reasons, including sexual aggression, over-mating or picking on one hen, asserting dominance, a mating ritual, environmental reasons, boredom, health issues, etc.

Two roosters fighting, feathers in the air.

What Triggers a Rooster to Kill a Hen? 7 Common Causes

Here are some reasons why a rooster could become aggressive and kill one or several hens in his flock:

Sexual Aggression in Young Roosters

Young roosters are generally very aggressive during puberty and may show brutal aggression towards the hens. This is due to the sex hormones that are rampant in the rooster at this age. It is important to separate aggressive young roosters until they calm down. In some cases, you may even have to put them down.

Mating Rituals

According to the experts at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia, hens have a mating ritual. The girl hen will dip her neck and allow the rooster to mount her. He will then grab her comb, neck, or the skin on her neck and body to grasp her during mating. He might even bite her feathers.

A strong rooster could accidentally kill a small or weak hen during such an aggressive mating ritual. The chances of aggressive mating are higher in chicken breeds that are bred for meat, such as Cornish hen crosses. 

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If you see the feathers on your hen missing or other signs of injury on her body, please separate the rooster right away. You could also use hen saddles to protect the hen from being pecked at during mating.


If you have just one rooster in a flock of multiple hens, the rooster might overmate with one of the hens and also end up killing her. That is why you must maintain an optimum rooster-to-hen ratio. Ideally, you need to have one alpha male in a flock of 4-5 hens for heavier breeds.

To Assert Dominance

If your flock has more hens and just one rooster, the rooster might kill a hen if she starts showing some signs of dominance, such as crowing. The rooster wants to assert his dominance in the coop and killing the dominant hen is his way of showing the other hens that he is the alpha of the flock.

The best solution to prevent this is to ensure an adequate hen-to-rooster ratio. With a rooster around, most hens will behave and not show dominance. If a rooster is picking on the hens, please separate him immediately.


A rooster might even kill out of boredom. Perhaps he has nothing to do and might keep irritating the hen or pick on one hen and bully her. The hen might retaliate and peck at him, resulting in a fight. A weak hen could easily get killed during such a fight, especially with a strong rooster.

Always give your hens something to do to alleviate their boredom. Chickens are smart birds and they need toys, puzzle feeders, etc. to keep them from getting into trouble.

Environmental Reasons

If a rooster’s environment is too crowded, dirty, or has fewer waterers and feeders, it could get aggressive. Spoilt, moist bedding and hard floors that hurt the hens’ feet can also trigger aggression.

 Roosters are also more likely to get aggressive during spring, when the hens are nesting and competition from rival males is higher.

Such circumstances could trigger rooster aggression, resulting in a fight that ends up killing one or more of the hens. Make sure to provide plenty of open space and adequate food and water sources for each hen to prevent such fights. Change the moist bedding right away and add some soft straw to protect the birds’s feet.

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Health Issues

Stress, poor diet, deficiencies, a lack of salt or electrolytes in their water, health issues like excess testosterone or hormonal imbalance, as well as diseases like viral or bacterial infections, can also cause a rooster to turn to biting, pecking, and other aggressive tendencies.

 If your rooster is sick, please have him treated by your vet and keep the birds separated until his recovery. Provide a balanced diet and if needed, supplement their feed with vet-recommended supplements.

Two roosters facing off on a dirt ground.

Will a Rooster Kill a New Hen?

Yes, a rooster might kill a new hen if he considers her an outsider or believes she is a threat to his flock. Roosters may kill new birds if they threaten their social standing in the flock hierarchy.

Roosters are even known to kill the chicks they have fathered. This form of poultry cannibalism occurs because roosters rarely have anything to do with a chick’s upbringing. He might attack and kill the chick if he believes they are overcrowding the coop, causing overheating, or reducing the available resources.

How Do I Stop My Rooster From Killing My Hens?

Here are some things to do to protect your flock and prevent your rooster from killing your hens:

Observe and Take Action

If you see your rooster showing less than gentlemanly behavior towards your girls, separate him right away. The rooster may be young, filled with puberty hormones, or may simply be aggressive due to his need for dominance. It is best to nip such aggression in the bud. Most experts recommend euthanizing aggressive roosters.

Punish The Aggressive Rooster

Whenever your rooster attacks a flockmate, spray him with a water-white vinegar solution (mixed in a 50:50 ratio) using a spray bottle. This will create a ‘negative’ experience in his mind and he will think twice before attacking a hen again.

Maintain a Balanced Hen-Rooster Ratio

This is very important to prevent competition between roosters and provide enough hens for each rooster to mate with. Having adequate hens can also prevent one hen from being over-mated. Ideally, you need at least one rooster per 4-5 hens for heavier breeds. Sometimes, bringing in another rooster can also tame your existing aggressive rooster.

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Make Adjustments in the Coop

An overcrowded coop with poor bedding can also be one of the reasons why roosters may kill hens. Make sure the coop has adequate space. Replace moist and dirty bedding right away. Make sure the coop’s floor is soft (and not hurting the roosters and hens’ feet) by using straw or wood shavings as bedding.

Dietary Changes and Salt Intake

Consult your vet and start feeding a nutritious diet to your birds. Roosters often bite if their diets are lacking in vitamins and minerals. By providing a healthy diet, your birds will be less prone to aggression.

Your roosters also need salts in their water, as a lack of salts and electrolytes could trigger aggression and pecking. Add a tablespoon of salt to every gallon of water. Replace stale salt water with fresh salt water every two to three days.

Provide Entertainment

Roosters might kill hens out of boredom. Create a playground in the coop by adding plenty of hay, puzzle feeders, perches, ladders, pecking toys, etc. This will create healthy habits in your birds and prevent them from turning on one another.

Separate Injured Hens Instantly

If a rooster has pecked at a hen, he will continue doing it. Worse, the other hens might even kill the injured bird, as her injuries create a blood frenzy in these cannibalistic birds.

Separate the injured chicken right away to prevent the rooster (and other birds) from attacking her over and over.

Apply Healing Ointment or Pine Tar to Injured Hens

If your rooster has injured your hen, promptly apply some healing salve on her wounds. You can also apply pine tar, as the strong scent prevents roosters and other birds from pecking at her again.

Use Chicken Saddles

Using chicken saddles can also prevent hens from getting pecked at by roosters. These saddles are durable cloths made of waterproof canvas. The rooster cannot peck through and that can protect your girls from a rooster’s aggression. Make sure to check the birds under the saddles from time to time to ensure no parasites are infesting there.

Key Takeaways – Can A Rooster Kill a Hen?

Yes, an aggressive rooster could easily kill a hen by pecking her or breaking her neck during a fight. Many factors can trigger such aggression in roosters. Mainly, sexual aggression, poor coop conditions, a bad diet, or social hierarchy can trigger a rooster to turn on his fellow hens.

We hope this guide helps you keep your flock safe.

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