Can a Rooster Kill a Human?

Can a Rooster Kill a Human

If you have an aggressive rooster, you might have, at some point, wondered if it is strong enough to kill a human. You might also ask the question, ‘can a rooster kill a human?’ if you want your rooster to protect your flock from thieves and miscreants. Roosters are strong birds that are known to … Read more

Can A Rooster Fertilize a Duck Egg?

Can A Rooster Fertilize a Duck Egg

If you keep hens and ducks on your farm, chances are that the birds intermingle with each other. You might have even seen a male duck try to mate with the hens or a rooster try to mate with the duck hens.  That may raise the question: can a rooster fertilize a duck egg and … Read more

Can a Rooster Kill a Raccoon ?

Can a Rooster Kill a Raccoon

Many chicken keepers wonder if keeping a rooster can help keep their flocks safe from raccoons. After all, raccoons are notorious chicken predators that wreak havoc on your flocks by killing multiple chickens in one go. They also tend to attack in packs, usually at night when the birds are sleeping and at their most … Read more

Do Roosters Keep Snakes Away?

Do Roosters Keep Snakes Away

Are you having a snake problem? Are these slithering creatures carrying away your eggs or scaring your flock? Then you might wonder if a rooster can help keep the snake away. Roosters are natural protectors of their flocks and they will go out of their way to keep your hens safe. But can they keep … Read more

Can A Rooster Kill A Weasel?

white rooster standing on the ground

Many farmers encourage weasels on their farms. After all, these long-bodied, short-legged mammals kill rats and rodents, which are a menace to our food grains. However, if you have a chicken coop, you may not want a weasel around. Weasels could easily kill chickens and once they develop a taste for chicken meat, they may … Read more