Why Do Chickens Squat Down

Why Do Chickens Squat Down

I recently acquired a new flock of lying hens, which is a first for me, as I’ve never bought point-of-lay chickens before.  The whole experience has been quite an eye-opener, and I’ve noticed certain behaviors that my previous flock of Australorps never exhibited.  While my Australorps would use flight and fight responses to evade my … Read more

Why Do My Chickens Have Bald Spots? 10 Causes and Their Solutions

a single chicken in a backyard setting

Chickens are interesting, funny, and unique pets. Naturally, it can be quite concerning to see your chickens lose feathers and develop bald spots on their bodies. So what causes chickens to lose their feathers and develop bald spots? And more importantly, how can you prevent this issue? Let us find out. Why Do My Chickens … Read more

Are Silkie Chickens Friendly ?

a close up image of Silkie chicken

Silkie chickens, with their distinctive appearance and fluffy plumage, have gained popularity not only for their peculiar looks but also for their fascinating personalities. As poultry enthusiasts and backyard chicken caretakers delve into the world of silkie chickens, a common question arises: Are silkie chickens friendly? In this article, we will sightsee the temperament of … Read more

Are Brahma Chickens Friendly ?

Brahma rooster with chicks.

From the moment I brought home my first Brahma, I knew this breed was special. These big love chickens won my heart with their famously friendly personalities. For fellow chicken keepers wondering, “Are Brahma Chickens Friendly?” I’m here to say a joyful yes! Cuddly Brahmas make wonderful backyard pets and companions.  Brahma chickens are known … Read more