Can Chickens Eat Dubia Roaches? 6 Great Benefits of This Snack!

Can Chickens Eat Dubia Roaches

Are you looking to increase your chickens’ protein intake? Then you may have wondered if dubia roaches are safe for your birds to eat. Many chicken keepers raise colonies of crickets, beetles, mealworms, and other bugs to feed their chickens. But what about dubia roaches? Can chickens eat dubia roaches? Are they safe or will … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Baking Soda? Know Its Benefits and Risks!

Can Chickens Eat Baking Soda

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Can Chickens Eat Lunch Meat? (Will It Make Them Sick?)

Can Chickens Eat Lunch Meat

Are you one of those chicken owners who is tempted to finish their kitchen leftovers by feeding them to the chickens? It seems natural to provide your chickens with all of your leftover food to prevent waste. After all, chickens are omnivores, and they are also the best no-waste managers. But what about lunch meat … Read more