Do Rooster Spurs Grow Back ?

Rooster legs with spurs standing in grass.

Have you noticed your rooster growing long claw-like structures at the back of his legs? These dangerous-looking growths are known as spurs and they’re one of the rooster’s natural defenses or weapons. When roosters fight, they rely on their spurs to inflict potentially fatal puncture wounds on their rivals. They fly into the air and … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Pineapple or Will it Make Them Sick?

Can chickens eat pineapple

I just witnessed one of my chickens pecking at a dead frog, proving once again that they’ll eat almost anything. Unfortunately, not all the foods chickens enjoy eating are particularly beneficial. Bananas, for instance, contain so much sugar that too many can cause unhealthy weight gain in your hens. The same goes for other fruits, … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes ?

Chicken pecking at a tomato on the ground.

Chickens are a resilient bunch who enjoy a much more diverse diet than their ancestors, the dinosaurs. While most dinosaurs restricted themselves to either meat or plant matter, chickens are omnivores that enjoy a bit of both. Chickens go bananas for fruit, have an impressive tolerance for jalapeños, and gobble down cantaloupe seeds like popcorn. … Read more